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Why should I work at Tradebot?

Smart Associates

  • Tradebot has high standards.  You are surrounded by associates from the top of the class. 

  • We are friendly.  We are direct.  We have our act together. 

  • You make a difference.  Everyone knows your name.  The organization is very flat.

Winning is Fun

  • We like to make money.  It allows us to hire great associates and build world-class technology.

  • We love the market.  We are pro-business and pro-capitalism.

  • We love building great technology.  We keep making improvements.

  • Tradebot has been winning for over 20 years.  We were among the first high-frequency trading firms.


  • High Base Pay.  Trading pays better than most industries.

  • Significant Bonus.  Cash bonuses are paid each December.   When we win, we all win.

  • Free Lunch.  Catered daily.  The company also provides free snacks and free drinks.

  • Reasonable Work-Life Balance.  20 days paid time off.  Healthcare and retirement plans.

Careers: List

Tradebot Openings

All full-time and internship positions are currently filled and we are not accepting new job applications at this time.

Tradebot plans to resume hiring in August 2023 for our Summer 2024 internship.

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