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Why should I work at Tradebot?

Smart Associates

  • Tradebot has high standards.  You are surrounded by associates from the top of the class. 

  • We are friendly.  We are direct.  We have our act together. 

  • You make a difference.  Everyone knows your name.  The organization is very flat.

Winning is Fun

  • We like to make money.  It allows us to hire great associates and build world-class technology.

  • We love the market.  We are pro-business and pro-capitalism.

  • We love building great technology.  We keep making improvements.

  • Tradebot has been winning for over 20 years.  We were among the first high-frequency trading firms.


  • High Base Pay.  Trading pays better than most industries.

  • Significant Bonus.  Cash bonuses are paid each December.   When we win, we all win.

  • Free Lunch.  Catered daily.  The company also provides free snacks and free drinks.

  • Reasonable Work-Life Balance.  20 days paid time off.  Healthcare and retirement plans.

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Tradebot Openings

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