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Tradebot trades stock for its own account
We are a registered broker-dealer and a member of most major stock exchanges. Kansas City is our location. We have about 60 associates. Tradebot Systems, Inc. was founded in 1999.

High frequency trading (HFT) describes our approach
We make millions of small trades per day. Every month, we trade over 5,000 companies including many small caps. In 2009, we had our first billion share trading day. We take risk management seriously. Each position is small relative to our capital. We turn off when we do not trust the market data. Most of our trading is intraday, but we also hold positions overnight.

Technology is our core business
Market data changes trigger our system to produce new orders in a few hundred nanoseconds. We collect and analyze billions of data rows to find the edge. Our Hadoop cluster is over five petabytes. Continuous improvement is driven by the data.

We care deeply about market quality
In 2005, Tradebot spun-off BATS Global Markets, which became the 3rd largest stock market in the United States. We believe competition between exchanges and darkpools is good. Algorithmic trading has tightened bid-offer spreads, which saves public investors billions of dollars per year.

We do not have customers. We do not give investment advice. We do not sell or rent our trading models.

The company is owned by Dave Cummings. Affiliated companies include Tradebot Ventures, Tradebot Properties, Tatora, and Auxby.
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